My friend, the amazing animator Kiel Figgins, invited me to his personal project “Lacerian” and I immediately jumped on board.

He decided to do the creature a bit difference from the concept art he already had done, so I started doing some concept sketches in z-brush. Soon the project ended up becoming it's own thing and changing name to DINOZILLA.

After the sketch was approved I decimated it and did the retopology for animation in 3ds max. With a correct topology I sculpted the details back in z-brush.

All textures were polypainted and adjusted in photoshop after. The details were transferred using 32bits displacement maps. For this project I used multi-tiling uvs in order to capture all the sculpted details in the diffuse and displacement maps. The render was done in vray and once Kiel needed the final model in maya I also did a version of the character in it.
Thanks Kiel for being such a cool director in this project and having the patience to wait for me to finish this model in my free time.

Click on the images for full resolution.